Asociatia Oamenilor de Afaceri Arges

Asociatia Oamenilor de Afaceri Arges (AOA Arges) is a business association providing training, consultancy, and other types of non-formal education to member companies. It was constituted in 2003, and has at the present time 170 companies that are members, which have over 30.000 employees. The mission of AOA Arges is to promote economic development through innovation by modernizing the human resources in the local region and to support the development of professional training by developing vocational education, eLearning, ITC and other formal types of education and training. AOA Arges also organizes business events, fairs and exhibitions, training, educational courses and services for employees to step-up their adaptability to change. AOA Arges promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, providing support for self-employment and business start-up. It also promotes the transfer of knowledge and the development of sustainable partnerships between the business sector and education institutions and one of our main objectives is closing the gap between education institutions and business communities by strengthening the dialogue between both groups to improve the future development of the local job market.

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