Project Partners

The Innovation Ecosystems for Vocational Education and Training (InEcVET) project brings together a diverse range of partner organisations from around Europe. The consortium comprises 8 full implementing partners and 2 specialist support partners. Partners have been selected in pairs with 2 organisations from Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal and Romania who will work in teams to develop the proposed innovation ecosystem with support from a specialist technical partner from Finland and a specialist media production partner from Ireland. The project will run for a period of 24 months beginning in November 2015. InEcVET is funded under the Forward Looking Cooperation Projects measure of the Erasmus+ Programme. 

A brief introduction to each of the 10 project partners is presented below.

Innoventum Oy

Innoventum Oy has many years’ experience in developing easy-to-use web-based applications for purposes ranging from e-learning to online shopping and live video streaming. It has a product base that is suitable for many different needs, built on a highly flexible and efficient framework. Since 2001, it has been involved in developing video streaming and e-learning tools and platforms for such clients as the University of Eastern Finland, the City of Joensuu, numerous public companies and a number of EU-funded projects. Innoventum has experience of creating tailored functionalities for delivering a wide range of technology based outputs, such as e-learning environments catering for video and multimedia based learning contents, social cross-regional networking modules and different types of searchable relational databases. Innoventum adopts a practical solution-oriented approach to building easy to use, intuitive and functional web-based environments.

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