Project Partners

The Innovation Ecosystems for Vocational Education and Training (InEcVET) project brings together a diverse range of partner organisations from around Europe. The consortium comprises 8 full implementing partners and 2 specialist support partners. Partners have been selected in pairs with 2 organisations from Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal and Romania who will work in teams to develop the proposed innovation ecosystem with support from a specialist technical partner from Finland and a specialist media production partner from Ireland. The project will run for a period of 24 months beginning in November 2015. InEcVET is funded under the Forward Looking Cooperation Projects measure of the Erasmus+ Programme. 

A brief introduction to each of the 10 project partners is presented below.

Municipio de Lousada

Municipio De Lousada is an institution of local public administration. It aims to pursue and meet the interests of the 50,000 inhabitants in the territorial space of Lousada Council which comprises 25 parishes. Municipio De Lousada directs its action to achieve sustainable development; to promote and boost the council at economic, social, environmental and cultural level, optimizing the use of available resources and striving for a public administration capable of responding to the growth objectives of the council and the needs of its citizens. Its mission is to define guiding strategies and execute the resulting municipal policies towards the sustainable development of the municipality, contributing to the increased competitiveness of it, at local, regional and national levels, promoting the quality of life of its citizens and ensuring high standards of quality services. One of its most important purposes is the promotion and support of education throughout its districts. Vocational Education and Training provision plays a key role in responding to the needs of the population and to meet the needs of the local labour market.

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