Project Partners

The Innovation Ecosystems for Vocational Education and Training (InEcVET) project brings together a diverse range of partner organisations from around Europe. The consortium comprises 8 full implementing partners and 2 specialist support partners. Partners have been selected in pairs with 2 organisations from Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal and Romania who will work in teams to develop the proposed innovation ecosystem with support from a specialist technical partner from Finland and a specialist media production partner from Ireland. The project will run for a period of 24 months beginning in November 2015. InEcVET is funded under the Forward Looking Cooperation Projects measure of the Erasmus+ Programme. 

A brief introduction to each of the 10 project partners is presented below.

Conselho Empresarial do Tamega e Sousa

Conselho Empresarial do Tamega e Sousa (CETS) is a non-profit Business Association, located in the NUTS III Tâmega Region. It gathers 12 business associations from 11 municipalities in the North of Portugal. CETS was constituted following a regional competitiveness forum in 2011 that highlighted the need for all associations and municipalities to work more closely in order to define a common smart specialisation strategy. The specific aim of CETS is the sustainable development of the region and promoting its socioeconomic progress. In particular CETS conducts joint actions with the regions municipalities regarding entrepreneurship, investment, business assistance and training and employment. Tâmega e Sousa is one of the poorest regions in Europe with statistics for GDP which point to a level of output which is less than 50% of EU average. Tâmega e Sousa is also one of Europe’s youngest regions, a point which serves to raise public concern about the high number of young people who are forced to leave each municipal area each year to find work opportunities abroad.

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