Courses Intrapreneurship Curriculum Module 1: Introduction to Intrapreneurship


Edited: 30.11.2017

Language: English

Category: Intrapreneurship Curriculum


This module introduces learners to the topic of Intrapreneurship, the characteristics of an intrapreneur and the role of intrapreneurs in organisations.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

- Define intrapreneurship and understand why it’s important in education;

- Identify what it takes to adopt intrapreneurship in a VET organisation;

- Identify what makes a good intrapreneur and assess if they possess these qualities;

- Understand how they can become intrapreneurs in their own organisations and how they can affect change within

the VET sector.

Duration: 16.00 minutes

Level: Beginner


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Introduction to Intrapreneurship

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Module 1 Lesson Plan - Intro to Intrapreneurship

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